Alakapuri Waterfalls travel Guide

Alakapuri Waterfalls at Kanjirakolly village is situated in Kannur district close to the Kerala-Karnataka border. This tourist destination has recently gained popularity among the people of Kannur district. The famous ‘Neelakkurinji’ (Strobilanthes kunthiana), which is found in Munnar and Iravikulam is found at Kanjirakolly too. Sasippara, another tourist destination at Kanjirakolly is just 4 kilometers away from here. Alakapuri Waterfalls is at almost 60 kilometers away from Kannur town. This waterfalls attracts thousands of tourists each season.

Alakapuri Waterfalls.
Alakapuri Waterfalls. Courtesy: Travel Through Kerala

Alakapuri Waterfalls  is almost 60 Kilometers (37.28 Miles) away from Kannur Town. Nearest towns are Kudiyanmala and Chandanakkampara. Alakapuri, along with Sasippara is a most suitable place in Kannur for a single day trip.

Alakapuri waterfalls Route Map

Alakapuri Waterfalls is situated at Kanjirakolly village, which is located at  60 km from Kannur and 45 km from Taliparamba. The nearest national highway is at Taliparamba is National Highway 66. The nearest towns are Kudiyanmala and chandanakkampara. When Driving from Kannur, The shortest route (55.8 km) is Kannur- Chirakkal – Mayyil – Sreekandapuram – Payyavoor – Kanjirakolly – Alakapuri waterfalls. When Driving From Taliparamba, the route is Taliparamba – Valakkai – Sreekandapuram – Payyavoor– Chandanakkam para –Kanjirakolly – Alakapuri waterfalls. The nearest Railway station is Kannur Railway Station (CAN). The nearest Airports are  Calicut International Airport (CCJ) (157 km) and  Mangalore International Airport (IXE) (178 km). If you Prefer Public Transport, KSRTC is operating several buses from Kannur and Taliparamba to Sreekandapuram. Click here to View the KSRTC Bus timings from Kannur to Sreekandapuram. After Reaching Sreekandapuram, You can get private buses to the destination.

Alakapuri Waterfalls.
Alakapuri Waterfalls. Courtesy: Angaru007/Flickr

Alakapuri Waterfalls Climate

Alakapuri Waterfalls.
Alakapuri Waterfalls. Courtesy: Travel through Kerala

Kanjirakolly experiences tropical climate because this region is situated in the Western Ghats. In the summer, the  temperature rises up to 35-40 degrees and in the winter it falls down to 15-19 degrees . April is the hottest and December and January are the coldest months. The best time to visit the waterfalls is the monsoon or the months just after monsoon  If you are planning to visit in summer, you will miss the misty view of Kanjirakolly valley from Sasippara. Make sure you can cope with the summer heat, and remember to carry some water with you.


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