Madayipara Travel Guide

Madayipara is a small hill located in Madayi village near Pazahayangadi in Kannur district. Spread over 600 acres of land, this place is rich in natural beauty and biodiversity. It is situated in the Northern banks of the Kuppam River. Madayipara is located just east of Ezhimala.

Madayippara complete travel guide
Flowers Bloom at Madayipara Photo: Anjali M

Historians  mentions that Ezhimala was surrounded by the sea from the four sides. The land which arose the water is called the ‘maad’ in Malayalam. So that’s where the place got the name from, Madayi.

View of Pazhayangadi River from Madayipara. Photo- Ajay Sekher

Madayipara is  colorful in every seasons. The grass that sprout after the new rain make Madayipara a green garden. The color of the grass will be slightly red with the grasses as the months of January-February. In summer when the grass  starts drying, Madayipara will blaze in gold. After the summer, the place turns blue.

A 360 Degree View of Madayipara in summer.

Madayipara is almost 26 Kilometers (16.15Miles) away from Kannur Town and 15 Kilometers (9.32 Miles) from Taliparamba. Nearest towns is Pazahyangadi which is 3.3 Kilometers (2 Miles) away. To reach the Spot, you can either use public transport system, Taxi or your vehicle.

Madayipara Route Map

Madayipara is located at 26 km from Kannur and 15 km from Taliparamba. The nearest national highway is at Kuppam / Taliparamba is National Highway 66 which connects Goa and Mumbai in the north and Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram in the South. The nearest town is Pazhayangadi. When Driving from Kannur, The shortest route (26 km) is Kannur- Pappinisseri – Keecheri – Irinave – Kannapuram – Pazhayangadi- Madayipara. When Driving From Taliparamba, another route is Taliparamba – Kuppam – Narikode – Ezhome – Pazhayangadi – Madayipara.  The nearest Railway station is Pazhayangadi Railway Station (PAZ). The nearest Airports are  Mangalore International Airport (IXE) (128 km) and  Calicut International Airport (CCJ) (141 km) . If you Prefer Public Transport, KSRTC is operating several buses from Kannur and Taliparamba to Pazhayangadi. Click here to View the KSRTC Bus timings from Kannur to Pazhayangadi and here to view the KSRTC Bus timings from Taliparamba to Pazhayangadi. If you are interested in traveling by a private bus several buses are being operated from Kannur and Taliparamba to Pazhayangadi. After reaching Pazhayangadi, you can hire a Taxi to the destination.

Madayipara History

Historical land Madayipara is a land where the kings of Kolathunadu had been crowned. There are stories ranging from the royal folk to the tip of war. The Jewish outcry and the fate of Gama’s human hands have never forgotten. . Madayikkotta the fort, which was built by the Kings of Kolathunadu to save themselves from the enemy armies, was destroyed in course of time. . The remains of the fort, are visible on southern side of the Madayipara. The view from here is fascinating.

Remains of Old Madayi Fort on Madayipara. – Wikimedia Commons

It is the headquarters of Udayavarman, the king of Kolathunadu. It is said that the poet Cherussery lived here at the palace of Udayavarman. The recitation of Krishnappaattu in Chingam month is still quite common today. The area of Madayipara was previously under the control of the Portuguese. The lands of Madayipara have plenty of cashewnut trees. It is said to have been planted by the Portuguese. There was a war during Tippu’s invasion here at Palayam Maidanam near Madayipara.

View of Madayipara in a Rainy Season – Photo- Ajith Menon

There are a lot of perennial pond here, it won’t get dry even in severe summer seasons. . It is also known as Jews’ Pond or Joothakkulam, because it was built by the Jews. This is the place where Jewish immigration first took place in India. Madayi Mosque or Madayippalli whis is the third mosque in Kerala is situated in the madayi village. It is believed that this mosque is constructed by Malik Ibn Deenar, A Disciple of Prophet Muhammad and an Islamic Missionary in 1124 AD. It is one of the popular Muslim Pilgrimage centers in Kerala. The remnants of the old town have been found in the premises of the Madayi College. The Palayam Maidanam in Madayipara was the place where Hyder Ali and the army camped in 1765 to 1968.

Ezhimala Hills. Photo:Uthradam


Madayipara Attractions

Ezhimala is situated on the western side of Madayipara. The sunset on Ezhimala hills is one of the most picturesque attractions in Madayipara. The Pazhayangadi River (or Kuppam River) that flows through the south eastern part of Madayipara is a beautiful sight for the visitors. Extreme monsoons and dry summers are one of the specialities of Madayipara. In the summer the grass on the rock begins to crumble, and is often burned with fire. The name Eripuram (The Land of Burning Fire) for the eastern side of the rock came from the Portuguese due to these burning incedents in summer.

Small Flowers at Madayipara Photo: Ambili Aravind

Biodiversity of Madayipara is characterized by the nature of the landscape. In the west, the wind blowing from the Arabian Sea and the rain, the rocky hills and the waterfalls will transform Madayipara into one of the most beautiful parks on earth.This area will be seen as a blue blanket, at the time of Onam filled with flowers like Kakkappovu, Krishnappovu and Kannanthali. Regarding the bio-diversity in the area, more than 500 species of rare plants have been identified from Madayipara including 300+ flowering plants 30+ types of grasses. Several insect eating plants like Drosera Indica also have been found from here. Madayipara is also famous for different types of rare medicinal plants. Many people from far off areas reach there to collect those plants. In addition Madayipara is the home for 100+ Species of butterflies and 150+ species of birds. . There are a lot of plants and streams located on the southern side of Madayipara. . The small flowers in this area attract large amounts of butterflies too. It is known as a butterfly park.

Vadukunnu Shiva Temple Madayipara Photo: Uthradam

Madayi is also popular for sacred temples. The Madayikavu Temple and The Vadukunda Siva Temple are the most popular.

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