Munderi Kadavu Bird Sanctuary

Munderi Kadavu Bird Sanctuary – Travel Guide

Munderi Kadavu Bird Sanctuary is a Biodiversity rich wetland area which is a suburb of Kannur. This area is famous for migratory birds. Munderi Kadavu is a part of KatampallyWetlands which comprises of nearly 4000 acres of marshland, one used for paddy cultivation known as ‘Kaippad’.

Munderi Kadavu Bird Sanctuary
Munderi Kadavu Bird Sanctuary Photo: Abdul Jaleel

A recent study at Munderi Kadavu describes the place as a ‘biodiversity treasure house’. It is estimated that thousands of birds including around 60 species of migrant birds are present at Munderi Kadavu Bird Sanctuary.

Munderi Kadavu. Courtesy: Akhil’s Photography

The Katampally Wetlands has been listed as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Birdlife International. According to ornithologists, this is the only place in Kerala, where one can find Greater Spotted Eagle and Garganey wild ducks abundantly. Both of these are listed as endangered species. In addition to birds, the rich variety of mangroves, and fishes too are found here. Several rare medicinal herbs and fishes are found in Munderi Kadavu.

Munderi Kadavu Route Map

Munderi Kadavu  is located at  14 km away from Kannur. The nearest national highway is at Taliparamba is National Highway 66 which connects Goa and Mumbai in the north and Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram in the South. The nearest town is Munderi. When Driving from Kannur, The shortest route (14 km) is: Kannur- Mele Chovva – Munderi Motta– Munderi Kadavu. The road from Munderi Motta to Munderi Kadavu is too narrow, so it is advised to park your vehicle near the town and walk to the destination. The distance between Munderi Motta bus stop and Munderi Kadavu is around 900 meters.  The nearest Railway station is Kannur Railway Station (CAN) (14 km). The nearest Airport is Calicut International Airport (CCJ) (122 km). If you Prefer Public Transport, you can make use of the buses from Kannur New Bus Stand Terminal directly to Munderi Motta.

Indian Shag at Munderi Kadavu. Courtesy: Kiran PK

Munderi Kadavu Travel Tips

Munderi Kadavu is a paradise or those who are interested in nature and birds. You can walk or hire a local country boat to watch around. The best time to visit the spot  is early morning from 6-8 am and at the evening 4-6 pm. The road to the sanctuary is so narrow so that you may not be able to drive your car till the destination. Take care while using Google Maps for navigation, Make sure you are following the right way.



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