Paithlmala Travel Guide

Paithalmala Travel Guide

Paithalmala or Vaithalmala is a hill station in the Kannur district. With an altitude of 4000 feet bove sea level, it is the highest peak in Kannur. Paithalmala is located in the Western Ghat mountain ranges, which runs parallel to the western coast of India, and is situated near Kerala-Karnataka border. Palakkayam Thattu another major tourist attraction in Kannur District is just a few kilometers away from here. Paithalmala is one of the best places in Kannur district if you are planning for a one day visit. It will only take less than one hour to reach the view point at Paithalmala. The cool and clam atmosphere here will make your mind refreshed.

Paithlmala Travel Guide
A Misty view of Paithalmala. Photo: Jinu John

These Mountain Ranges are renowned for their rich bio-diversity. The nearest town is Kudiyanmala and the nearest bus stop is Pottanplavu. This is a must visit place if you love adventure and trekking. You will feel closer to nature and surely like to visit again once you visit Paithalmala. Several waterfalls and mountain ranges adds  the beauty of Paithalmala. One can have a wide view of both kerala and Karnataka from the top of this hill.

Paithalmala Information

The Paithalmala Mountain covers over 300 acres of land with its unique and picture-perfect views. At the top of the hill, a watchtower is set up by the authorities, where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Kannur till the Arabian Sea, in a clear climate. The mountain will be covered in thick fog in the morning and evening. This area is under the control of Kerala Forest Department. This is one of the favourite spots for Photographers, Trekkers, and Nature Enthusiasts in Kerala. Several rare species of birds and butterflies have been discovered in Paithalmala recently. A tourist Information Centre and Dormitory facilities are provided by Department of Tourism (DTPC) at Kudiyanmala which is 7 km away. Parking facility for vehicles are provided near ticket center opposite to the Paithal resort at Paithalmala. The parking is free but it is in First come First Serve Basis.

Paithalmala Travel
A Trekker’s View of Paithalmala.

Paithalmala Route Map

Paithalmala is located at  55km from Kannur and 40 km from Taliparamba. The nearest national highway is at Taliparamba is National Highway 66 which connects Goa and Mumbai in the north and Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram in the South. The nearest town is Kudiyanmala. When Driving from Kannur to reach Paithalmala, The shortest route (55.8 km) is: Kannur- Puthiyatheru – Mayyil- Sreekandapuram – Chemberi – Paithalmala. When Driving From Taliparamba, The shortest Route (39.2 km) is: Taliparamba – Oduvally – Naduvil – Kudiyanmala – Paithalmala.  The nearest Railway station is Kannur Railway Station (CAN). The nearest Airport is Kannur International Airport (CNN). If you Prefer Public Transport, KSRTC is operating several buses from Kannur and Taliparamba to Kudiyanmala. Click here to View the KSRTC Bus timings from Taliparamba to Kudiyanmala and here View the KSRTC Bus timings from Kannur to Kudiyanmala. There are no Private buses being operated in Kudiyanmala.

Paithalmala Clouds
View from Paithalmala.

Trekking at Paithalmala

After parking the vehicles visitors should trek through dense forest for almost 2 kilometers to reach the Watchtower at the edge of the hill. This Spot is also referred as a suicide point, as the steep valleys are dangerous. If you are interested in trekking, you have several opportunities. One can trek for more than 7 kilometers to Kappimala or Palakkayam Thattu if you are really interested in trekking. This trek can be classified as an easy or moderate one. Forest officials wint allow tourists to carry plastic inside. You can buy water from the shops near the entrance. Water bottles will be numbered in the ticket counter and has to shown when returning back from the hill. Remember to wear Good Shoes and protect your body from leeches if you are trekking in monsoon. Don’t forget to carry some salt with you in order to get rid of leeches. Forest Department wont allow tourists to install a tent or trek the area after sunset because wild animals maybe present in the area at night.

Paithalmala Climate

Pithalmala recieves a good amount of rainfall throughout the year. Temperature will drop to to less than 10 Degree Celsius in winter. Paithalmala have two active tourist seasons. If you are a photographer, the best time to visit Paithalmala is monsoon,  June to October. At this period one can witness mist covered mountains and never ending greenery with a little showers. Remember to wear good shoes which completely covers your foot to protect against the leeches. As a result of the monsoon rains, the grasses grow to the walkways, which makes walking difficult. By the end of November the paths will be cleared and trekkers can easily pass through the grasses. The second tourist season is January to March. At this time, The sun might be a little harsh, so take care before setting out for trekking.The greenery at the top will fade away to golden brown grass land at summer. Always carry water with you to prevent dehydtation, especially in this time.

Paithalmala Travel Guide
A View from Paithalmala.

Paithalmala Tickets and Timing

You need to take an entry pass from the ticket counter at the entrance to the forest trail. The pass costs Rs. 30 for adults and Camera Charges should be paid extra. You are not allowed to carry Plastic Carry Bags, Liquor, and bottles into the forest. Sometimes they may allow people to carry water bottles upon payment of security deposit at the counter. When you come back, upon showing them the bottles and the receipt, You can get your money back.

Paithalmala Hotels and Resorts

If you like to have a better experience in Paithalmala, it will be better to book a hotel near the view point. Almost all the hotels are close to the entrance to the forest trail. Here we are listinga a few popular hotels near Paithalmala.

1. Paithal Resort

Paithal Resort is run by District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), and is located just near the mountain. This resort have 20 rooms and a conference hall which can accommodate 300 People.


Phone: +91 86061 46112

2. Paithal Hill Resort

Paithalhill Resort near Paithalmala is equipped with year round outdoor pool, Spa and on site restaurant. This resort too have a conference hall with 300 capacity


Phone: +91 94460 70415

3. Paithalmount Cottages

Paithalmount Cottages in paithalmala is another resort in the area. It is located near Pathernpara.


Phone: +91 80866 86860

Hope your Paithalmala Visit will be a memorable one. Share your comments below.

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