SM Street Mittai Theruvu Halwa

SM Street or Mittai Theruvu – The Sweet Spot of Kerala

Mittai Theruvu or Sweet Meet (SM Street is one of the most popular and historic trade centers in Kerala. It is Situated in the Kozhikode or Calicut Town in northern Kerala. This is one of the most busiest streets and Shopping spots in Calicut. The area will be crowded always, especially in the evenings. There are many Famous Bakeries Situated in this street. Earlier this street was famous for Kozhikkodan Halwa  or Sweet Meat (In English). Now a days, one can buy anything and everything including Kozhikkodan Halwa, banana Chips and variety of other sweets, garments, footwear, Bangles, Kitchen Utensils etc.

SM Street or Mittayi Theruvu in Calicut.

Origin of the Name SM Street or Mittai Theruvu

The Street got this name by from the Europeans. In earlier times, The Street was filled with Kozhikkodan Halwa shops. The Europeans Called the Halwa as Sweet Meat. So they named the Street Sweet Meet Street or SM Street. The earlier name of SM Street was ‘Huzoor Road’.

History of SM Street

With a history of  more than 500 years, This street has been visited by several people including Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch. It was in this town the famous Portuguese Explorer Vasco Da Gama landed in 1498. The Street also witnessed the migration of Gujarati’s to Calicut.  The Coin press of Zamoorin (Ancient ruler of Calicut) was situated in the street. There are a number of new and old buildings situated inside the street, including a few ones built by the Portuguese.

SM Street Mittai Theruvu Halwa
Halwa is Displayed at Shops in SM Street Calicut.

SM Street Information

You can find some well known Restaurants and Bakreies too here. The famous Kozhikkodan Halwa is the attraction if SM Street. Many varieties of Halwa especially the Black Halwa are available. Another popular commodity is Banana Chips. Every Visitor should taste at least one of the above items while visiting SM Street. The oldest Film theatre (Radha Theatre (1937)),  the oldest bakeries, Oldest photo Studios, textile shops etc are near this street. The Khadi Emporium of Calicut is at the starting point of the street. A Spacious Library is also there near the SM Street. Calicut International Airport is about 25 km away from SM Street.

SM Street SK Pottekkat Statue
SK Pottekatt Statue at SM Street

While visiting this street, One should remember SK Pottekatt, The famous writer of Malayalam who loved this town, and written a lot about the place. Especially in his ‘Oru Theruvinte Kadha’ (The Story of a street).



  1. Great article and thanks for making this site. I am planning a visit to Kerala on this new year eve 31st dec 2018, Going to Wayanad… will it be a good season then? What do you recommend for new year night in Kerala. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers!!!

  2. Yes ! The best time to visit Wayanad is winter (October- May). The weather is extremely good during this period of time. This is considered as the peak season to visit Wayanad.

    For new year night, I recommend to visit Cochin and Cochin Carnival, This festival is held in the last week of December every year in Fort Kochi. The new year celebration in Cochin is fun and the cheerful atmosphere continues until the fireworks in the midnight of the 31st December mark the grandeur finale of the carnival. A huge human statue is burned exactly at stroke of midnight signifies the end of a passing year and welcome New Year.

    Have a nice trip to Kerala !

  3. thanks Melbin .. will note this down

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